Saturday, September 29, 2012

révisions prologue missions 1,2,3

Can I do it? p. 8

Fais les exercices de la p. 8 de ton manuel puis vérifie tes réponses...

1. Tommy's family name is Spencer. His middle name is Alan. He is a thirteen-year-old schoolboy/ He's thirteen years old.. He's Irish and he lives in Dublin. His phone number is... He's not very tall/ He is quite short- he is 1m57 tall. He is an only child. His mother is a hairdresser and his father is a salesperson.
He's got a dog and a white mouse.

2. intrus 1 : mean : méchant ou radin
    intrus 2 : sociable

3. Entraine-toi avec le cd.


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